Incoming File Format


  • Please ensure your artwork has 3-5 mm margins from crop mark to avoid border artwork being trimmed off.

  • Please limit your file size to maximum 5MB for sending via email.

  • Please place both sides of your document in the same file.

  • We do not suggest using Windows system fonts "SimSun" and "DF Kai" in vector base application.

  • When using small font sizes, please do not fill your color below 50% as such combination will have blurry outcome.

  • We support both PC / Macintosh platforms but Macintosh format file is preferred.



  • Please prepare your document in CMYK color mode only for Offset Printing.

  • Please use CMYK color guide for reference in case of recalibrating your monitor.

  • Please allow 10% color differential on different orders due to normal publishing standard.

  • We do not alter your document or change your CMYK color to Pantone color.

  • Please do not use rich black (Full CMYK black) on your document.



  • We do not suggest two-sided hotblocking, due to an imprint will appear on the other side.

  • The graphic or text for hotblocking cannot have color gradient or special effect.



  • Please do not violate any copyright, we do not take any responsibility of such violation.